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The Teacher

I trained in England, where I lived and worked for fifteen years. After a career combining social work with fitness and aerobics instruction my interest in yoga resulted in learning to teach. In 1998 I qualified (Yoga for Health foundation) and I have taught many classes and age groups since then, both in England,  Holland and recently Tanzania. In 2000 I completed the children's module and in 2001, the trainers module.

I have attended many in-service modules and additional courses focussing on different aspects of yoga e.g. Ashtanga Vinyasa with John Scott in Cornwall and lessons in London from Tara Fraser.  I have been most  inspired by Satyananda yoga where the essence of yoga is so clearly reflected in the practises and I am most grateful to swami Vedantananda Saraswati from whom I have learned so much. In 2007  I made two visits to the ashram of swami Satyananda to experience different aspects of yoga and the yogic lifestyle. Now I aim to teach the Satyananda techniques and style in my classes. In 2013 I completed a the  Satyanada teacher training of Integral Yoga.

I am a fully recognised member of the Dutch federation of yoga teachers.

A summery of qualifications:

  • Degree in social work
  • RSA exercise to music
  • Extend Diploma teaching movement to the elderly and people with a disability
  • Yoga Teacher Training; Yoga for Health
  • Yoga for Children, British Wheel of Yoga
  • Training the Trainers (sw Vedantananda)
  • Yoga for the special child (for children with disabilities)
  • Yoga teaching diploma Satyananda yoga 
I regularly attend inservice training for teachers and I have studied in England, Holland, Portugal, Germany and India.