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WUR Yoga

Times en locations

For the WUR there are 2 courses starting on 15-1:

Yoga and Health  with stressmanagement


17.30-18.30:  KENKON : YOGA & HEALTH  8 week course  

 12.30-13.30 :  SPORTCENTRE:   DYNAMIC YOGA  4 week course

Both coures focus on the pracitical health benefits of yoga; techniques to improve strenght, flexibility, relaxation and proper breathing.

about the courses:

Yoga& Health: Strengthen, stretch and relax
This course is suitable for all, from beginners to more experienced. It is also suitable if you have any physical complaints, or specific condition, advice can be offered on how to adapt practices.
 The course teaches all aspects of yoga and how it can be beneficial in improving common complaints like RSI, backproblems, stress, headaches and more. Prevention is always better, so we will address how to stay healthy, both physically and mentally, by introducing and using the yogic techniques of postures (physical exercises and stretches), breathing practices,  meditation and relaxation techniques. The sessions are offered in a contempory style . Everyone will be encouraged to work within their own abilities, so the practices can be adapted to suit individual needs.  Ideas for short practices at home and techniques which can be done at work will also be given.
The teaching style is calm and precise. 

  YOGA & HEALTH: Dynamic Yoga
This lunchtime course is suitable for people who would like to work more dynamic in the yoga poses, improving strength and flexibility through working with a few short yoga sequences. It will revitalise you in your lunchbreak so you will be ready to tackle the rest of the day with enthusiasm. Of course there is also attention for working with breathing and relaxation. 

Enrol through the University sportcentre