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What is Yoga (Eng)

What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient Indian discipline, now practised worldwide by millions of people. The word yoga is a Sanskrit word,it means to unite. This union on a practical level is a means of balancing, or harmonising the body, the mind and the emotions. The link between the body and the mind is the breath.  The science of yoga has many aspects. Generally one begins to work on the physical body. The postures practised in yoga promote total health. Regular yoga practice strengthens muscles and joints, builds up bone density and balances the endocrine and nervous system. Thus yoga provides a strong protection against illness and increases strength, flexibility and the ability to cope with stress.

The yoga courses for the WUR aim to promote health and to prevent or improve complaints such as RSI,  backproblems,  stress etc.  This is done by focussing on the whole person. In the yoga lessons you will be introduced to physical exercise, breathing exercises, meditative practises and relaxation. It is the combination of these that make yoga an effective tool to become and stay healthy,both physically and mentally. Physically you will become truly strong, all muscles receive attention, the smaller joints as well as the bigger ones, the internal organs are strengthened, and the spine will become strong and flexible.  The breathing exercises teach you to use the breath and therefor your energy effectively, and to focus the mind. There are specific calming and invigorating practises. Meditation comes at a later stage, but exercises towards this are offered throughout the weeks. Meditation improves the body's own healing abilities. Relaxation will have meditative aspects and allows us to refresh ourselves and to absorb the effect of the practice. 

I hope to encourage you to start a regular yoga practice at home.  Yoga is a discipline and it means we have to be prepared to actually commit ourselves and do something. Hopefully your weekly class will inspire you to practise at home.

It is best not to eat two hours before yoga. Always wear comfortable clothing. Don't work through pain. If anything hurts, it is not right for you, however right it may be for someone else. Yoga is an individual practice.

Please feel free to approach me with questions and/or comments. I really welcome your feedback!