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Yoga and Health

Yoga and Health

Why Yoga

Yoga is a unique discipline, more than 2000 years old. It offers a method to stay healthy both physically and mentally. Medical science more and more frequently accepts the connection between the mind and the body. Eastern philosophies with their physical application in the form of movement have always emphasized that the mind and the emotions influence our health.

Everyday we experience tension. Emotions like fear and anger bring a physical response, the so-called "fight or flight" response. This involves, for instance, the narrowing of the pupils of the eyes, blood withdrawing from the bowels and skin, so that muscles get extra oxygen and producing adrenaline. This is so that we can defend ourselves or flee, the physical response necessary in danger.

Our current lifestyle does involve stress, fear and danger, but running away or physical defence are mostly inappropriate responses. This means that adrenaline is produced, but not used, the stress stays within the body and tension is the result. So over time we may experience aches and pains. If we do not respond to the signals in the body a burnout may be the result, or we feel depressed, or we may experience severe RSI or back problems. Through regular yoga practice we can prevent energy blocks and therefore physical problems.

 A balanced yoga programme encompasses:

  • Strength, flexibility and fitness
  • Relaxation for body and mind
  • Breath awareness and strengthening muscles and organs involved in breathing.
  • Respecting our own and other people's boundaries
  • To value the present moment
  • To connect with our purpose in life, our individual aim.

This is why the discipline of yoga focuses on physical exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation.

It is best to practise yoga everyday. It doesn't have to be an intensively long session. Progress slowly and pay attention to the responses of the body.